VegOut! Events is the Tucson-based vegan event company

producing high quality festivals in the US.


VegOut! Events is not just about festivals, we are a movement, a community of ideas and passionate people committed to elevating the conversation around plant-based foods, sustainability, conscious living, and the welfare of animals.


VegOut! Events is an Arizona-based events management company. We are committed to our strong community partnerships, and to creating unique large and small-scale festivals, and fun, exciting, memorable events for the entire family!

As with anything we do, our goal is to build a better blueprint for community events. By building meaningful local partnerships in each of the communities we reach, we become rooted. At our events, we bring together local businesses, entertainers, and customers to celebrate the vegan lifestyle. Our events are places for learning, fun, connection, and, of course, eating!



As the Founder of VegOut! Events, Clayton works to find the balance between overseeing existing operations and helping to bring new ideas and opportunities (like the VegOut! tour) to fruition. By building a team of highly skilled and committed individuals, Clayton is able to take a laid-back approach to delegation - he empowers the staff to utilize their skills and maximize overall efficiency in reaching common goals.


What is your favorite thing about working at VegOut! Events?
It is the fact that I get to play a role in an organization that brings success to the lives of so many people. Staff, vendors, customers, and the local economy are all greatly impacted by what this organization does. I can't think of another company that has near the diversity of influence in their own communities than this one, and, my thrill in life is to be a part of something that can literally make change happen every day.


What is one of your proudest accomplishments?
Helping bring the first VegFest Tucson to fruition from concept to reality. This was the moment that I finally realized I could combine my resources with my passions, and actually do something that I love and believe in. It was the perfect capstone for a budding Tucson business and the proof that what can thrive in the desert, can thrive anywhere.




Ian is a man of few words but many actions! He is an all-around leader when it comes to bringing our markets and events to the community. As a master of making it happen, he is the one we turn to for "whatever needs to be done"!


What is your favorite thing about working at VegOut! Events? 

All the people I've met and connected with. We've got a great community.


What are your three favorite things to do when you’re not at work or school?

Climbing, eating, and Casa Video (seriously, if you are in Tucson and haven't been there yet - GO).


What is your favorite thing about living in the desert?

The climate.



Tim gets people going where, when, and with what they need to go with! Tim is the spinning hub that powers our office, working to connect our team with the people and tools they need, all while providing operational support that builds great events!

What was your favorite moment at a VegOut! event?

Sitting in a hot tub! Once, a vendor participating at the same event brought a hot tub to advertise his company... So, needless to say, by the end of the day, on came the trunks and I was the "photo of the day" for many of our vendors.


What is your favorite thing about living in the desert?

The rain! The monsoon! The smell of creosote!

What is one of your proudest accomplishments?

I'm very proud to have learned better, kinder ways to treat myself and others as I move through life. I've also been practicing the skill of sticking with something, once I've said yes to it. Sticking with things teaches the lessons that my younger, more afraid self couldn't handle (bless his heart).


Elena is our outreach wizard, she assists with the social media accounts, and any and all promotional needs. She makes sure that we're putting our best face forward with beautiful, exciting, and fun content  (which is extra impressive, given that she's also currently working on her MFA in Illustration and Design!).


What is your favorite thing about working at VegOut! Events?

I appreciate the staff's sense of humor and willingness to be open and approachable - to each other, to vendors, and to customers. I feel like we work hard, but we also naturally cultivate a lively, approachable atmosphere among vendors, management, and customers at all of our events. This relationship-driven attitude & value-system seems to emerge organically and I think that's awesome!


What is your favorite food to cook at home?

As an ethical vegan, my favorite things to cook at home are plants! Thai food is so flavorful and is one of my favorite cuisines to eat out, so I've made it a money-saving mission of mine to make delicious fresh Thai food at home and avoid the take-out money sink as much as possible. I make a really good Thai coconut curry (but my vegan burrito game is also on point!).

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